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Are you completely lost in your natural hair journey?

 Does it drive you absolutely crazy that you can’t grow long, beautiful, natural hair because it breaks off,  it’s too dry, your edges are too thin or it just doesn’t grow?

Then this is the guide for you!

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • 36 things you’re doing to your hair on a daily basis that’s keeping it from growing, drying it out, and ultimately KILLING it!
  • The hidden ingredient in hair coloring that’s stunting your hair’s growth and how to keep it from ruining your hair completely
  • Why not washing your hair is actually keeping it from growing – this will SHOCK you!
  • How blow-dryers, flat irons, and other styling tools are the main culprits for no hair growth and what you should be doing instead (this will surprise you!)
  • Why touching your hair with your fingers could be keeping it from growing and how you should be styling your hair
  • You’ll discover why poor diets actually cause slow hair growth and could even keep your hair from growing at all
  • Find out how little to no exercise could be absolutely detrimental to the life of your hair
  • What to do BEFORE shampooing that will make detangling a breeze!
  • Discover what you can put in your hair BEFORE blow-drying that will completely eliminate breakage
  • Hard brushes and small tooth combs are quietly destroying your hair – discover what you should be using and put an end to hair sabotage
  • How to easily achieve that “slick look” around your hair line without damaging your hair and forcing it to recede
  • What to NEVER use in your hair (90% of women use these EVERY day!)
  • 3 things you should be eating every day to ensure your grows to its fullest potential
  • Did you know there are 3 mainstream hair care product lines that aren’t black owned? There are only 5 product lines I personally use and recommend to all of my clients – I reveal them inside!
  • The secret advertising ploy these large product lines use to fool consumers into thinking their products are “healthy”
  • How to read the “fine print” of hair products to determine whether they’re actually good for your hair or harmful and dangerous
  • Discover the secret aisle in stores where you should be shopping for hair care products
  • The four ingredients in hair care products you should be looking for and why you really should be using them 11 ingredients commonly found in mainstream product lines that are flat out ruining your hair – NEVER use these again!
  • And much, much more!


I will deliver this guide to you instantly after ordering in a digital format. You can read the whole guide in just a few hours and be well on your way to having beautifully natural hair. So, let me ask you a question?


What would a step-by-step guide like this be worth to you? What kind of effect would it have on your life? Your daily regimen? How much time would it save you? How much MONEY would it save you?

I could easily charge $27 for this and people would pay it all day long. But I’m not going to do that.

I want to put this information into the hands of as many people as possible. So, for a very limited time, you can get access to this for just $12.99.

Yep, just $12.99…

The choice is yours…

You can go at it on your own or you can take an incredible shortcut and learn from someone who’s already “been there and done that”.

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